What is Rajbhog?

Rajbhog is an offering of food to Bhagwan. Over the course of singing thaal for the prepared offering, devotees ask Bhagwan to graciously accept the preparation and bless it. Afterward, the blessed Prasad is offered to devotees with the intention that the positive energy gained by the prepared offering through thaal - making it divine - should be experienced and enjoyed by all.

How much does it cost?

Rajbhog sponsorship at Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre is available as follows :

Lifetime Rajbhog $2,501
  • For the day of your choice, you may bring up to four people for Pooja
  • After the pooja, share the Rajbhog prepared by the Priests especially for the Pooja in the Mandir's private dining facility
One-day Rajbhog From $351 or from $501
  • You may invite up to 100 people to join in sharing Mahaprasad after the Sunday Satsang
  • Lead the Aarti procession for the Sunday Satsang
  • Choose to have your team of volunteers join the Mandir's volunteers to prepare the Mahaprasad on the day before (from $351; two standard items) or elect to have the Mandir's volunteers prepare everything for you (from $501; four standard items)

Your sponsorship greatly helps the Mandir in preserving and promoting Sanatan Dharma in the Greater Toronto Area.